What Blender Setting to Use for Smoothies?

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If you have been using a blender for quite a long time, it is likely that you are already familiar with the things that a blender can do. With its amazing features, you might have already made different kinds of smoothies with various textures—thanks to different blender settings. With these settings, you are able to choose the kind of drinks and recipes that you want to prepare. It also gives more options because of the versatile features. A blender cannot just prepare healthy juices, it can also add a wide variety of ingredients to your regular smoothies.

There are two primary kinds of settings for smoothies. The first is the puree setting, and the second is the smoothie setting. But do you know that in the past, there was only one blender setting? The puree setting was the first blender setting to be added to different types of blenders, until the smoothie setting was also created and included in the list of blender settings. Here are important facts about these two settings.

Puree setting

You need to choose puree setting if you will be making soup, various kinds of entrees or sauces—and other similar combinations. This setting is ideal when you’re blending vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients that blades can easily cut through. It is also recommended for ingredients that require finer chopping.

If you simply need to make juice, you can also choose the puree setting. This setting is customized in such a way that the blender chops and mixes the vegetables and fruits in a very precise way. The pulp and the juice are separated from other ingredients with the use of a strainer or mesh.

Although the things that puree setting can mix, crush and blend are limited, you can still expect good results from this type of setting.

Smoothie setting

If you want to include some ice cubes in your smoothies, you should choose the smoothie setting; this is set in such a way that it can handle the inclusion of ice cubes.

If you choose the smoothie setting, the motor of the blender will function in a more powerful manner, so it can crush ice cubes as it mixes and blends all the ingredients.

When you plan to add ice to your smoothies, it is also ideal to set the blender settings to smoothie setting. With its powerful motor setting, it can crush and chop the ice before it melts.

There are high power blenders that have a specific setting for ice. If your blender has it, choose it over the smoothie setting if you’re blending ice with your drinks.

If you ask if it is necessary for your blender to have a separate setting in making ice cream, the answer is that it depends on your preference.

The smoothie setting can crush the ice cream thoroughly at an efficient rate. But the separate setting for ice cream can do it quicker, because it has a specialized mechanism that makes it really easy and quick to crush ice cream. It can also make ice cream from frozen yogurt, ice cubes, berries and flavorings.

If you are fond of making smoothies with ice cream in it, perhaps you can invest in a blender with a separate ice cream setting. But then again, it is not necessary.

The smoothie setting is considered as the more versatile blender setting, because of the wide variety of ingredients that it can handle.


The puree and smoothie settings have different uses; you cannot interchange their respective roles. You need to remember that every time you make your smoothies, so you will have an efficient blending experience. Never forget to stick to their primary uses, so you can prevent your blender from malfunctioning. It also saves you time, effort and money, as you don’t need to repeat the whole process again.

If you’re making soup or other recipes that require soft cutting—you should choose the puree setting. If you need to add ice cubes or some scoops of ice cream, you should choose the smoothie setting. Knowing what type of setting to use will enable you to make your preferred drinks and recipes, minus all the hassle.

Through the use of two primary blender settings, your blending chores will be easier and fun, as you can customize the drinks that you want to prepare for your family and friends.

As you use the puree or smoothie setting, you can also use your imagination to come up with the best smoothies. Technology has really had a big impact on how we can prepare healthy drinks. All the convenience and efficiency can be found in the two settings discussed above. It just depends on you and how you properly and creatively use these settings.

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