Using a Blender for Smoothies

Using a Blender for Smoothies
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If you love drinking smoothies, it is likely that you are using a blender quite frequently. And though we might think that we are using our blenders to make smoothies in the proper way, there are still things that we might not completely know about the process. If we can improve the way we blend our favorite drinks, we can make more delicious and nutrient-rich smoothies in the future.

Here are some tips that may help you learn how to use a blender for smoothies more efficiently

A regular blender is different from a high-power blender

If you have been using a regular blender, you might have noticed that it doesn’t crush the ingredients into their tiniest bits. You might think that the blender that you have is of low quality, but that might not really be the case. The brand or model of a regular blender has nothing to do about it. All regular blenders do not thoroughly crush all the ingredients in your smoothies.

Only high-power blenders can completely crush ingredients. This is why if you want your smoothies to be free from any lumps, you should use a high-power blender.

Some still use a regular blender, because it is easier to operate and it’s more affordable. After all, it also has the ability to make delicious smoothies, although, blending using a regular blender takes a little longer as compared to blending with a high-power blender.

Handling is key to maintain the topnotch performance of your blender

Just like any other kitchen tools, you need to make sure that you are handling your blender with utmost care. In turning it on and off, make sure that you don’t press too hard—a gentle press will actually do. You must also ensure that your hands are clean before you operate the blender; this is to prevent dirt from penetrating through the blender’s surface. Lastly, always keep the kitchen countertop clean.

Recipes that can be made using a regular blender and high speed blender are different

Recipes that can be handled best by a regular blender are those that include fresh fruits and vegetables. Frozen vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, should be made using a high-power blender. This is because chunks of vegetables and fruits might get stuck in the upper part of the regular blender. When this happens, the blender may stop functioning, because its blades may completely break.

A regular blender can also handle baby food, nuts, seeds and other ingredients that don’t come in big chunks. However, a high-power blender can handle all kinds of ingredients.

A regular blender cannot be continuously used for hours

While many manufacturers assure their customers that their regular blenders can be used continuously, blender reviewers question these claims. Though it may be true that many popular brands of regular blenders are of high quality as compared to other regular blenders, the fact remains that a regular blender has limitations.

If used continuously for several hours, some reviewers noticed that the blades of the blender get weak day after day—which often leads to slow blending and poor performance afterwards. So, the rule of thumb in using a regular blender is to let its motor rest for at least 2 hours after an hour of blending.

If you are selling smoothies in a stall, you should use a high-power blender to make sure that your operations will not be disrupted.

Unplug your blender before removing stuck ingredients

If you need to remove some ingredients that got stuck in between blades, use a spatula and don’t forget to unplug the blender. You might think that this advice is too basic, but the truth is that many of us forget to do this. For safety purposes, always unplug the blender whenever you will be touching something inside it.

It is also advisable to use a spatula in getting to stuck ingredients in the blender because it helps you reach the ingredients without having to use your hands.


It is really fun to make your own smoothies at home. While it may sound pretty simple, there are things that you should learn in order to produce the best smoothies and maximize the efficiency of your blender.

All types of blenders come with instruction manuals. Make sure that you read it thoroughly, before using the blender. Through these manuals, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the features of the blender, and how to operate it properly.

Bear in mind that not all blenders are used the same. This is one of the most basic things that you should learn. If the instructions are not clear to you, don’t hesitate to call the customer service hotline.

So, the next time you use a blender, make sure you know its capacity and limitations.

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