How to Use a Smoothie Blender

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If it is your first time to use a smoothie blender, you may find it a bit complicated because of its many features and settings. But don’t worry, because you’ll surely get the hang of it soon. Many satisfied customers who are raving about how it is so easy to use are proof that it is actually easy to use.

Manufacturers know that the ease of use is a very important feature of a blender, because people nowadays don’t have a lot of time or patience to figure out how to use a smoothie blender. This is why manufacturers designed their blenders in such a way that their customers will be able to use it easily. Here are some clever tips that you may not know about how to use a smoothie blender.

Mix ingredients properly

In order for your blender to last longer, you need to learn and practice the right order of adding the ingredients. The general rule is to add the lightest ingredient first, and the heaviest ingredient last.

It means that you must always start adding the liquid before other heavy ingredients, like frozen vegetables and fruits, ice cubes and scoops of ice cream. Adding the liquid first also assists the blender in moving the ingredients around inside the jar.

Use the pulse feature

In using a blender for smoothies, it is important to avoid large air bubbles from being stuck in the blender. In order to do this, you must maintain the right balance between the frozen food and the liquid that you’re mixing. It will be a great help if you will use the pulse feature of your blender. You may have ignored this feature in the past, but now that you are  aware of its use, there’s a way you can prevent those huge bubbles from getting stuck in your blender.

Use the tamper of your blender

No matter how great your blender is, there will be instances when the blade of your blender will get stuck and may stop functioning. The best thing that you can do is to use the tamper of your blender to put back everything in motion again.

If you’re not quite familiar with a tamper, it is a piece that can be found at the uppermost part of the blender which can be used to move all the ingredients—even though the motor of the blender is running.

Cut foods into sizable pieces

In order to fit into the jar, you must cut foods like apples in half, before you put them in the blender’s jar. Though many avid blender users already know this, some people still forget to do it. The result is that the chunks get stuck in the blender’s jar, which can stop the blades from functioning.

The blender can heat your soup

If you didn’t know it, you can heat your soup with a high-performance blender. As you blend all the ingredients, the blades produce heat to make your soup warm, and ready to be served. If you are heating your soup in the oven after blending it, you are just double heating it. The next time you make soup in your blender, don’t heat it, and taste it for yourself.

Your blender can aerate wine

Did you know that you can aerate your wine in your blender? All you need to do is to pour all the contents of your bottle of wine into the blender and spin it for 30 seconds. Some say that the taste of their wine was even enhanced after a whirl in the blender.

Your blender can automatically clean itself

How do you clean your blender? Do you place your hand inside the jar to scrub it? Well if yes, you’re doing it wrong. Aside from the possibility that your finger may get stuck in between the blades, you are not maximizing the features of your blender.

The proper way to clean your blender is to pour a few drops of dishwashing soap in the jar, fill it up with warm water and turn the blender on—and that’s it, you’re cleaning your blender.


Knowing how to use your blender takes time and effort. It does not stop with reading the manual that comes with the blender. You should continue to explore the various features of your blender. After exploring all the features, you need to use them, the way they should be used.

Blenders have features that need to be discovered, so don’t stop exploring until you have tested all its buttons. You will be surprised that there’s still more to discover with the functions of your blender.

Don’t forget the basic steps in using a blender, such as turning it on and off properly, and spinning it within the proper cycle.

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