The Perfect Type of Blender for Your Smoothies

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Any blender can mix vegetables and fruits to make smoothies, soups, make puree, salsa, or ice cream. The difference between these blenders is the quality of the outcome. If you simply want to whip up a morning smoothie or special milkshake, you will want a blender that can do more than just juicing fruits.

Types of Blenders for Smoothies

The great news is that most blenders can make good smoothies. But then again, you need to determine the dissimilarities among the kinds of blenders available, so you will know which type fits your requirements. Below is an overview of the common types of blenders so you can choose which one will work best for your smoothie.

Handheld  or Immersion Blenders

Handheld blenders often comes with a range of accessories. This makes immersion blenders highly multipurpose and they can do almost anything from making smoothies and soup to mayonnaise and marinades. One of the main advantages of an immersion blender is its size. If your kitchen is small, this type of blender is ideal since it doesn’t occupy a huge amount of space.


  • This type is a lot easier to store than the bulkier blenders
  • Its size makes them convenient and a perfect option when you’re away from home
  • Having fewer parts means it is easier to wash and clean. You just need to wash the blades and you are good to go


  • Usually not good at processing leafy greens and tough vegetables.
  • In spite of its compact size, it can be a bit noisy
  • They can’t handle many ingredients or over a single serve

Countertop Blenders

This kind of blender is likely to sit on the kitchen counter. Countertop blenders are more powerful than handheld blenders but numerous models will not be able to manage the same amount of smoothie ingredients compared to high performance blenders or personal bullet blenders.


  • Not as limited compared to hand blenders when it comes to vegetables and fruits that it can blend so you can create a wider variety of smoothies with a countertop blender
  • Powerful enough to process a wide array of smoothie ingredients, but not ice
  • It is more budget friendly compared to other blender types


  • Since they are a lot larger than hand blenders, this means that they consume a lot more space
  • They can be a bit loud
  • Can be harder to clean than immersion blenders
  • A top countertop blender can be expensive but doesn’t have many features compared to personal bullet blenders and high performance blenders

Personal Bullet Blenders

Depending on the model, this type is great for making one to two servings of shakes or smoothies. They’re commonly a bit smaller than typical jug blenders and contain a bullet shaped blending mug. Some of the more notable models can process a wide range of ingredients for smoothie but this will not always be the case.


  • The blending cup can be ideal for one serving
  • Takes less storing space, great for small pantries and kitchens
  • Some models of this type can crush ice
  • They are more affordable compared to high performance blenders so they are a great choice for creating nutritious and delicious smoothies without spending too much


  • There’s a possibility of leaking because of the upside down feature so you may have to be cautious not to overfill
  • Not all personal bullet blenders can manage large volume, especially the smaller ones
  • The blades aren’t at all times dishwasher friendly; that is why you may have to clean the blender by hand

High-performance Blenders

This type is the most powerful blender that you can get and is efficient at handling even the most challenging ingredients with ease. Your smoothies will have a smooth texture, which is the trademark of this kind of blender.


  • Able to create more than one smoothie serving at one time
  • Can produce ultimate smoothie consistency and texture
  • They can process more challenging recipes without damaging the motor


  • They can be noisy
  • A large storage space is required due to its size
  • Their excellent function comes with a higher price tag, so they will not suit all budgets

Final thoughts

Although some would consider that a kitchen blender isn’t an essential item, others heavily depend on their machine and would be lost without it. A blender can make food and meal preparation easier and more efficient, thus saving effort and time in the kitchen. Once you begin using one, you will be wanting to use it more frequent for many purposes. Prior to buying any blender, it is ideal to do your research, and read consumer reviews. With some effort, you will find the perfect machine that will serve you well.

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