Blender vs Juicer for Smoothies

Blender vs Juicer for Smoothies
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Blenders and juicers are different. Although they both make healthy drinks—the process in how they do it  and the actual results differ. Some people prefer a blender over a juicer, while others choose a juicer over a blender. It is not surprising though, because both the blender and the juicer are helpful small kitchen appliances used in making healthy drinks.

If you haven’t decided yet what you’ll use in making your smoothies, here are some comparisons between a blender and a juicer.

Separating ingredients

It is common knowledge that both blenders and juicers separate ingredients of smoothies before they can blend it. But a blender and juicer have different ways in doing it.

A blender separates the ingredients by processing the whole vegetable or fruit, which includes its fiber. This results into a thick drink, called smoothie. You can still get the nutrients that you need—which are released quite slowly in the body. But what’s good about this process is you remain fuller for a longer period of time.

A juicer separates the ingredients by separating the fiber from all the vegetables or fruits; the pulp is also separated. This means that what’s left is only the juice itself. Through the use of a juicer, you can add as many vegetables and fruits as you want so you can get all the nutrients in their most edible form.

Benefits that you can get from blending

If you are using a blender, you don’t need to throw anything away; even the fiber is blended, along with the other ingredients of your smoothies.

The fiber in your smoothies can slow down your digestion, leading to the slow, but even release of energy. This also averts high and low blood sugar levels, making you feel full even hours after drinking it.

The fiber that comes from vegetables and fruits travels through the digestive system to eliminate toxins from your body.

The benefits that you get from juicing

When juicing, the extracted juice from the vegetables and fruits leaves the indigested fibrous pulp. Thus, the juice becomes packed with necessary minerals and vitamins which are directly absorbed by the body.

Through juicing, you eliminate bulk from your healthy drinks so you can accumulate nutrients and vitamins from various vegetables and fruits into a regular-sized glass. This allows you to pack in a lot of goodness into your body.

Because what’s left is just the juice itself, which is easier for you to digest. If you have problems with your digestive system, juicing is an ideal way to rest your digestive tract without sacrificing the nutrients that your body needs.

Types of blenders and juicers

Both blenders and juicers come in different types with different features. Both of them have regular and advanced types that perform both basic and complicated tasks. However, some reviewers noted that blender is easier to use, as compared to a juicer. They added that a juicer has more complicated features.

But there’s also an advantage noted when it comes to the more complex features of juicing—it extracts ingredients more thoroughly than a blender does.

Price comparison

Generally, juicers are more expensive than blenders. This is the reason why more people who have just started drinking smoothies choose to use a blender. But there are still a good number of people who use a juicer in making their smoothies for the first time—and this is mainly due to personal preferences.

Will you choose a blender or a juicer?

After you have learned the differences between a blender and a juicer, you are now equipped with the knowledge that will help you decide which you will use in making your smoothies and other healthy drinks.

You have read that both blenders and juicers help our bodies to stay healthy. But they have differences when it comes to how they process and blend foods. They also produce different kinds of smoothies. Having said this, you have to study what a blender and juicer can do for you.

If you don’t want to throw out fiber and pulp when making your smoothies, you can choose a blender. But if you want to drink juice in its purest form, you must use a juicer.

It needs to be underlined here that both the blender and the juicer provide lasting health benefits. Many nutritionists and fitness buffs believe that you can use both of them; if you want your kitchen to be quite flexible, you can get a blender and a juicer for different purposes.

But if you just want to choose one of them, consider the following factors: personal concerns about digestion and nutrition; personal preference when it comes to the texture of your drinks; and your budget.

After all the scrutiny on the topic of blender vs. juicer for smoothies, you should be closer to determining which is better for your needs.

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