Gourmia Personal Blender BlendMate Smoothie Plus Edition Review

Gourmia Personal Blender BlendMate Smoothie Plus Edition Review
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Are you on the lookout for the best personal blender in the market? There are literally thousands of brands and models that you can choose from. Having said this, you may find it overwhelming to choose a blender that fits your preferences, and budget as well.

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In order to choose the right one, you need to be specific when it comes to the features that you want your personal blender to possess. For information on one of the better options, this is a review of a personal blender that prides itself for being a high-quality blender with some unique features—the Gourmia Personal Blender BlendMate Smoothie Plus Edition.


Its features are quite personalized, making it a standout personal blender among other home blenders.

  • It boasts of an intuitive blend design
  • It has a 250-watt motor
  • It comes with custom-made settings.
  • It comes in an elegant design
  • Its removable parts can be washed safely in a dishwasher
  • It is BPA free
  • It has been approved by ETL


With its promising features, you should not be surprised if its advantages are quite great for a personal blender.

  • It can blend almost everything, from baby foods, salsa, crushed ice, and smoothies. Not only that, it blends flawlessly, crushing foods into the smallest pieces to bring out all the necessary nutrients
  • It blends your food in the complimentary sports bottle, providing you utmost convenience. After you blend, you can bring your smoothies in the bottle so you can save time and effort. Only a few blenders possess this feature, so make sure you take advantage of it
  • It crushes frozen foods and ice with a lot of ease, and produces unified results. Because of its powerful motor, it doesn’t have a hard time crushing foods, leading to thoroughly crushed results
  • It can handle hot foods that can heat up to 100°C. Hence, this advantage will not limit the type of foods that you can blend
  • It consists of customizable settings and buttons. It only takes one click of a button to customize drinks and textures. Other personal blenders require you to click more than one button to perform various functions—so this advantage definitely brings maximum convenience
  • It has a compact and elegant design. Since it is a compact blender, you can save space in your kitchen, allowing you to put more kitchen tools on your countertop
  • It is also lightweight and very portable—thus, you can easily shift it from one place to another
  • It received positive reviews from customers, making it a truly credible product
  • It comes with a free sports bottle, where you can blend and drink smoothies
  • Its price is quite reasonable as compared to other personal blenders that are at par with its features


It is true that Gourmia blender is an amazing product—but it didn’t stop some customers from giving negative comments about it.

  • Some customers said that frozen fruits got stuck at the uppermost part of the blender
  • Some customers complained that this blender stopped functioning on the same day it was purchased

Who it is best for?

This blender is ideal for those who want to travel a lot. The Gourmia blender can be brought wherever you go, so you can enjoy delicious smoothies wherever you are.

It is also highly recommended for moms who don’t have much time to prepare healthy drinks for their families. The Gourmia Personal Blender can make blending chores easier and faster.

If you don’t have ample space in your kitchen for a big blender, you should consider this home blender because it does not take up a lot of space. The bonus is that it really looks beautiful when placed on your countertop.

If you are also a fan of technology-driven products, the Gourmia blender is a good choice. It prides itself for being one of the most high-tech blenders on the market. With its intuitive mate design, you will surely enjoy using it.


The Gourmet Home Blender is a wonderful addition to your kitchen equipment, because of its impressive features. Its ranking in terms of customer satisfaction is really high, so you can be assured that it is indeed a good product because many customers love it. With its high-tech features, you can never go wrong, as well.

So, the decision is solely yours. In terms of personal preferences, is this the type of blender that you prefer? Do you like its elegant design? Are you a fan of compact blenders, or do you prefer bigger blenders?

In terms of being functional and durable, positive comments about Gourmia blender already speak for it. Is your budget enough to buy this product or you prefer a more affordable home blender?

Whatever your decision is, always bear in mind the above-mentioned considerations.

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