7 Best Blenders With Grinders

Best Blenders with Grinders
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Are you in the market for a blender that features a reliable grinder? Look no further! This buying guide attempts to narrow down your options so that it’s much easier for you to pinpoint the ideal product for your needs and budget. Let’s jump right into it!

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Benefits of Blenders That Can Grind

  • Variety of Food – Blenders that can grind are remarkably versatile devices that can help you prepare a broad range of foods. You can use them to whip up some milkshakes and ice creams or you can use them to grind cereals and spices. From crushing and grinding to mixing and whipping, there’s nothing these handy devices can’t do.
  • Ease of Use – The vast majority of blenders that are equipped with grinders offer a wide array of features that’ll allow you to make food with ease. What’s more, figuring out your way around these devices doesn’t require much time at all. Really, all you’ll ever need to do is press a bunch of buttons and the unit will do all of the hard work on your behalf.
  • Multiple Speeds – One of the greatest things about mixer grinders is that they can work at varying speeds to accommodate the user’s needs. No matter the type of food or drink that you’re attempting to crush, grind, or whip, you’ll definitely find an appropriate speed option for the task at hand.
  • Fast Performance – One of the complications of using hand grinders is that they’re very time-consuming. You can forget about this issue with mixer grinders, as they function at super-high speeds that allow them to chop and whip in very little time. And did you know there are blenders with coffee grinders that can grind beans as fast as coffee machines?
  • Low Maintenance – Not only are mixer grinders easy to use, but they’re also super easy to maintain and take care of. All you really need is a clean, soft piece of fabric in order to clean your blender. What’s more, the grinder component tends to be removable, so you’ll find it easy to clean the grinder since you can detach it from the motor.
  • Highly Affordable – The great thing about mixer grinders is that you don’t really need to squander big bucks in order to get your hands on a steadfast, high-quality unit. There’s a wide range of mixer blenders on the market, with each having a unique array of features. All you need to do is buy the device that offers the features that you consider priorities.

Fochea 3-in-1 Food Processor Multi-Function Mixer System

The Fochea 3-in-1 Food Processor is one of the most affordable yet remarkably effective mixer grinders on the market today. The unit boasts a sturdy frame and solid base that grant it a great deal of durability. Moreover, it features a clean seal that will allow no leakage issues while using this machine. In terms of durability in general, the Fochea Food Processor is quite impressive.

This mixer grinder houses a powerful 700-watt motor that provides a whopping speed of 24,000 RPM. Couple that with 4 stainless steel blades and you get a superior piece of machinery that’s capable of cutting all kinds of food within a matter of mere seconds.

What’s so surprising about this machine is that with all of its power, it still manages to provide a pretty quiet performance.

The Fochea 3-in-1 Food Processor is a highly versatile unit that’s capable of grinding coffee and spices with ease. You can also use to chop and mince frozen ingredients and ice. It’s also quite impressive when it comes to making shakes and smoothies as it handles blending fruits and ice easily. Lastly, all of the accompanying accessories are easily detachable and dishwasher safe.


  • Available at a highly affordable price tag
  • Powerful motor and stainless steel blades
  • Comes with dishwasher-safe accessories
  • Perfect for making shakes and smoothies
  • Dishwasher safe


  • You have to hold the button for it to blend


Tribest PB-250XL-A Complete Blender and Grinder Package

If you’re looking for a blender and grinder system that offers a great number of accessories, the Tribest PB-250XL-A is definitely worth checking out.

This unit comes with a total of 6 containers, with 2 of them being extra-large, 23-ounce containers that will allow you to work with large recipes with ease. You can clean these accessories easily using only soap and water.

Another thing that makes this unit appealing to a lot of people is its safe operation. The Tribest is equipped with grinding blades that, during operation, become completely enclosed, so you no longer have to worry about your spinning blades coming in contact with your grinding blades.

In terms of what you can grind, you can grind just about anything from grains to seeds and nuts.

The Tribest PB-250XL-A is equipped with a 200-watt motor that may not be as powerful as that of the Fochea Food Processor, but it gets the job done beautifully. The machine also features 2 modes of operation: 1-touch pulse blending and twist and lock continuous blending. This unit is great at making standard smoothies.


  • Comes with jumbo containers for larger recipes
  • The lids and containers are completely BPA-free
  • Boasts a rugged and lightweight construction
  • 2 different modes of operation for convenience
  • Easy to clean


  • Drinking from the lip of the cup is fairly challenging


YISSVIC 4-In-1 1000W 700ml 9-Speed Immersion Blender

Housing a 1000-watt motor, the YISSVIC 4-in-1 Immersion Blender is one of the most powerful units on our list. With such immense power, this unit can slice and dice through all types of food. This unit features brushed stainless steel housing and a 360-degree motor body, which means that you can attach the blender stick onto the motor without any difficulties.

This immersion blender comes with all kinds of attachments, from the 500ml food processor to the 700ml beaker, not to mention the whisk attachment and splash guard.

The YISSVIC 4-in-1 Immersion Blender also comes with a storage stand that offers you an easy way to store everything. 

The YISSVIC 4-in-1 Immersion Blender features removable handles that you’ll find convenient when making various types of food. There’s an eject button on the unit that you press to release the attachments with ease. Moreover, all of the attachments are dishwasher-safe, in addition to the blender foot. Overall, a highly convenient unit and a very tempting price tag.


  • One of the most affordable units on our list
  • Comes with a broad range of attachments
  • All of the attachments are dishwasher-safe
  • Equipped with a powerful yet quiet motor


  • The blender heats up when used for long
  • Not the most durable blender on our list


Ninja 200-Watt 16-Ounce Food Chopper Express Chop

Whoever said you need to spend big bucks in order to get a high-quality chopper? With this unit from Ninja, you can mince, grind, chop, and blend a wide range of ingredients within a matter of seconds without having to spend a whole lot of money. This chopper features a 200-watt power pod that allows it to perform the aforementioned tasks gracefully and quietly.

There are many different types of food the Ninja Food Chopper would be perfect for, including spices, herbs, garlic, cheese, zest, onion, nuts, sauces, and spreads. Keep in mind that this unit has a capacity of 16 ounces, so it may not be able to accommodate larger recipes.

This chopper features an ergonomic, lightweight design that allows for ease of handling.

This unit is equipped with pulse technology in the form of a chrome pulsing button that allows for ideal control. As a result, you’re guaranteed consistent results almost every time. This unit also features an anti-slip base and splash guard which help prevent it from moving as it’s running so that everything remains steady and clean. All removable parts included are dishwasher-safe.


  • Comes at a highly affordable price tag
  • Ergonomic and extremely lightweight
  • Features dishwasher-safe components
  • Offers a steady and quiet performance
  • Minces, grinds, chops, and blends


  • A little underpowered for larger amounts
  • The cord tends to move a lot while pulsing


CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker with Recipe Book

The Chulux Bullet Blender Maker features 2 different sets of stainless steel blades that allow it to work as a blender with spice grinder, blender with coffee grinder, and a traditional blender for making shakes, smoothies, and juices.

The unit boasts 1000 watts worth of cutting power that allows it to through anything. It’s claimed by the manufacturer this unit is capable of breaking down vegetables and fruits in 30 seconds, which is quite impressive for a machine at this price range.

The stainless-steel blades that this unit features are highly resistant to wear and are a lot sharper than most blades out there.

The Chulux Bullet Blender Maker is one of the easiest units to use on our list. All you have to do is press the touch button for it to start blending. The machine stops its operation as soon as you lift your finger off the button.

The unit comes with 15-ounce and 32-ounce, BPA-free cups, so no matter how large your recipe is, the Chulux Bullet Blender Maker will surely accommodate it.


  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with a powerful 1000-watt motor
  • Comes with 15-ounce and 32-ounce cups
  • The safe and lock design prevents leakage
  • Extremely sharp and sturdy stainless blades


  • Doesn’t have the most durable construction
  • The performance of this blender is fairly loud


Foodville PB230 2-in-1 Smoothie Blender and Coffee Grinder

The PB230 from Foodville is a versatile piece of machinery that doubles as a smoothie blender and a seed grinder. You can use this device to make anything from shakes, purees, and frozen drinks to grinded spices, nuts, and coffee beans.

The unit is equipped with a 300-watt copper motor that provides adequate power for blending and grinding almost all types of food.

The Foodville PB230 is extremely easy to use, thanks to its 1-touch operation. All you have to do is press and hold the operation power for the unit to start grinding or blending.

Release your finger to stop the unit’s operation. All of the accessories and attachments accompanied by this unit are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to waste time washing them manually.


  • Available at a highly affordable price tag
  • Boasts an excellent electric coffee grinder
  • Simplified operation using a single button
  • Features dishwasher-safe attachments
  • Easy to use 1-touch operation


  • Not a suitable blender for larger recipes
  • The power cord gets in the way quite often


Yabano Personal Blender and Coffee Grinder in One

If you’re in the market for a powerful compact-size blender that can help you with making any of your drinks of choice, the Yabano Personal Blender is your best bet. This small blender houses a powerful 500-watt motor that allows it to blend and grind just about anything. You can use it as a coffee/spice grinder since it comes with its grinder attachment and grinding blades.

The unit is pretty easy to use, thanks to its one-touch-to-blend operation. Simply press and hold the blending/grinding button to start the operation. The operation stops when you remove your finger off the button.

The Yabano Personal Blender comes with 2 travel bottles and 2 travel lids for your convenience. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t exceed the “Max” fill line.


  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Extremely powerful for such a small unit
  • The unit doubles as a coffee/spice grinder
  • Available at a highly affordable price tag
  • 2 travel bottles


  • Not designed to accommodate large recipes
  • The cups are narrow so they’re harder to clean


Final Words

As you can see, the market is full of affordable blenders with grinders that are highly effective, all you need to do is pinpoint the one that meets your needs and budget. Let us know which one of the above-mentioned products you like the best.

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